North American Global Partners, LLC (NAGP)

Accessing Africa, the Last Commercial Frontier


Water, along with food, may be the two most critical needs in developing countries. Without water, there can be no agriculture. Without water, there can be no life. In Africa, as the Sahara creeps ever southward, more and more arable land disappears to dust and the people who have relied upon the soil for sustenance for centuries find themselves adrift, starving.

NAGP can supply drilling equipment, storage facilities and construction to find and bring water to where it is needed. Desalinization equipment, large and small, to serve the need where aquifers are insufficient. And waste-to-water technologies for a two-in-one solution to municipal needs.

But we seek new, affordable technologies for small-scale implementation. And financial support to bring these solutions to the people who need them.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking water equipment or technologies, or a vendor seeking markets, or an investor or NGO that wishes to support water development in developing countries, contact us.