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The Jewel of Africa (Le Joyau de l’Afrique)

Conception: le Joyau de l'Afrique

Conception: le Joyau de l’Afrique

NAGP is delighted to partner with CRCI (Cabinet de Recherche et de Conseil d’Investissement), a development organization based in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, to promote their Jewel of Africa project, designed to address UN infrastructure and human development goals.

Specifically, the Jewel project seeks to accelerate economic growth, reduce poverty and the weight of unemployment, and to modernize and industrialize  rural and suburban areas of Africa through public-private partnerships. Specific project targets are: sanitary improvements, agriculture, fish farming, construction of food storage, housing, and the eradication of illiteracy (l’analphabetisme).

NAGP welcomes inquiries from interested parties.