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Municipal Waste Treatment

Municipal waste grows as sewage treatment and garbage collection go undeveloped even as city populations increase, steadily. The issue has become critical in many developing countries, both as a quality of life issue and sometimes as a public health threat.

NAGP can bring world class solutions through its partnerships with global leaders in sanitary landfills and sewage treatment.

And, when the latest in waste-to-energy or waste-to-water technologies are included, cities receive a bonus from waste treatment in the electricity and potable water the installations can generate.

If your government has ready financial resources to explore these options, our partners are ready to bring their solutions to your city or state. If you are an entrepreneur with ready financial resources for such projects, or with personal networks that include municipal waste decision-makers, we want to talk to you. And, of course, if your financial institution or NGO is interested in broad-scale participation in such projects, please contact us.