North American Global Partners, LLC (NAGP)

Accessing Africa, the Last Commercial Frontier


The production of food bears not only on the health and well-being of a nation’s population but also upon economic sectors like transportation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, storage, and marketing. One could say, quite accurately, that a robust food production and distribution industry can “feed” other large parts of a national economy.

NAGP maintains a specialist task force of agricultural experts in rice production, processing and storage for the purpose of helping nations increase self-sustenance in rice and related grains. Our experts have helped increase rice production around the world. We even have an associate who specializes in agricultural policy development.

We seek Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), entrepreneurial interest and financial backing for the purpose of forming BOT projects to increase rice production for domestic distribution and export in developing countries.

If your government offers such PPPs we would like to start a conversation. If you are a local entrepreneur, with provable financial capability, or if your financial institution seeks projects such as this, please contact us, immediately.