North American Global Partners, LLC (NAGP)

Accessing Africa, the Last Commercial Frontier


The drone of diesel generators is a part of life in developing countries, as is the cost and issue of each generator’s reliability.

NAGP offers compact, simplified, alternative sources of electricity from cutting-edge Micro-Hydro units that can power villages and apartment buildings (using water flow in water pipes), to Mini-Hydro for broader regional supply, to high-efficiency solar.

But for those who just want to reduce the cost of their current diesel-generated power, our Green Arrow Brands, LLC distribution company offers lubricants and fuel additives that reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability and can reduce cost of operation. We seek entrepreneurs interested in distributing Green Arrow Brands products.

So, if you are an entrepreneur with proved financial resources, a financial provider interested in investing in broad development of alternative energy, a commercial building owner looking for alternative energy sources, or a supplier of alternative energy technology interested in expanding your market, contact us today.