North American Global Partners, LLC (NAGP)

Accessing Africa, the Last Commercial Frontier

Current Projects

NAGP visits African nations personally to find viable opportunities in stable English and French-speaking nations for companies that wish to expand operations outside the US. We work with the local US Embassy commercial staff and the American Chamber of Commerce in each country to find reliable local citizens who can provide local control and legitimacy. And, where appropriate, we open a local subsidiary of NAGP to facilitate entry into the market.

Currently we have the following projects in motion that are available to you:

Recycling: Some cities have only piecemeal recycling services run by improperly funded and staffed not-for-profit organizations. Some countries have NO RECYCLING at all.

  • Regional exclusivity. We have partnered with a licensed hauler in a country with no recycling to begin a professional household and commercial recycling program. Our partner holds waste hauling licenses in four key cities and is developing a fifth city in a neighboring country. We see an opportunity to be the sole regional recycler. So we seek an operational partner with funding or an operational partner and a separate investor in this critical service.

Mining and Construction Equipment Leasing: The wealth of most African countries is tied to their natural resources and infrastructure development. So, expanding mining operations, roadbuilding and commercial development offer prime opportunities for equipment leasing.

  • Unlimited potential in an existing company. We have partnered with a young equipment leasing company that currently leases equipment for mines and over-the-road transport. They are looking to expand their inventory and lease portfolio. We are part owners and wish to help them in this work. In many cases their services provide a vertical integration with other projects, like our commercial development and recycling projects. Equipment suppliers and financiers welcome.

Housing: Housing is hot in Africa. A burgeoning middle class has created massive unfulfilled demand.

  • Community Development Contract. We have access to a contract with a global resource company to build 1,000 to 5,000 homes. We prefer to partner with a company with pre-fab capability to allow regional expansion from a potential regional plant.

Commercial Development: There is a continuing need for business hotels and shopping malls.

  • Business Hotel or Shopping Mall. We have been offered local property in a commercial crossroads city. Owner will partner with our developer and has offered to pay travel expenses to see his property and to show us his country.

Tourism: In many African countries the tourism sector is the#1 or #2 source of GDP.

  • Seaside Resort or Casino Hotel. We have been offered seaside land near a major air-hub city for development of a destination hotel-golf-beachside resort or a world-class casino hotel-resort. The project includes not just development of the resort but also full water-waste-electricity-roads infrastructure, so there is plenty of room for not only the resort sponsor but also construction companies and sub-contract companies. The site offers easy air access from Europe to tap European travelers.
  • Lakeside Resort. A local partner is developing a lakeside resort along one of Africa’s hugest man-made lakes. He will need homebuilders, infrastructure construction companies and hotel operators.

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