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Accessing Africa, the Last Commercial Frontier

Accessing the African Promise

Welcome to the NAGP blog.

A good friend introdImageuced me to the economic promise of Africa about seven years ago. He suggested that the infrastructure and economic needs of the continent offered unending opportunity for those who could command the resources and relationships needed to realize key projects. What he did not tell me was how difficult it would be to attract North American and European technology companies, contractors and financial interests if they were not already in Africa. And, if they were in Africa, why would they need us?

So began seven years of building. Now, we’re ready, I think. Well, maybe not fully ready, but staged for success.

We have African partners, wholehearted support from our US embassies and from the American Chamber of Commerce, a growing interest from operating partners (the ones that will do the work). And, we’re positioning ourselves for our own capital development program, even as we seek financial and operational partners for our projects.

Come, help us do good for the people of Africa, while we do well for our partners, both here and there. Together, we’ll build housing, roads, commercial infrastructure and energy capability. We’ll also clean up the waste and start improving access to clean, drinkable water. Be part of the explosion. It’s not everywhere in Africa, but we’ve put lots of energy, hours and sweat into targeting the countries that not only NEED what we’ve got planned, but also WANT it.

So, watch this space. In the future, I’ll share some key statistics that will show you the promise. And, I’ll feature some of our projects and project partners, so you’ll see real people and real opportunities.

Let’s get to know one another. Welcome to NAGP. Welcome your portal to the last frontier of commercial opportunity…Africa.




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